Linda Yu RCIC is a registered licensed Immigration Consultant, regulated by the ICCRC – Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. We offer friendly, personal and reliable service.

Clynx Immigration Inc. is a federally and provincially regulated immigration services consultancy. Our firm provides supports for citizenship, permanent residency, work permits, family sponsorship, and more. Whether you’re applying for temporary, permanent, or citizenship status, we can help. Our team has personal and professional experience with Canadian immigration policy and better understand the process than any other firm on the Canadian prairies.

If you are interested in visiting, immigrating, or living in Canada, we are the firm you need to reach your destination. Besides our first-hand experience with Canada’s immigration process, we understand the personal and emotional challenges you will experience. We can guide you towards the support and resources available.

Get trustworthy advice from Clynx, a professional firm with years of successful immigration experience and expertise dedicated to seeing you reach your destination. Book a consultation today.